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Pet Bereavement Support - The Complete Guide by Dawn Murray

Dawns book was published in April 2014, the book is aimed as a guide to those wishing to offer support and advice on the subject of Pet Bereavement. Those dealing with pet bereavement on a regular basis, from veterinary staff to bereavement counsellors will find this book informative and would also be an ideal guide for those considering a career in pet bereavement.

Some of the chapters in the book cover:

  • Conselling v's Support
  • The Human/Animal Bond
  • Grieving Process
  • Children and the Elderly
  • Suffering v's Pain
  • Euthanasia
  • Aftercare
  • Do pets Grieve and the impact on surviving pets
  • When to get another pet
  • Memorials
  • Spiritual aspects of Pet Bereavement
  • Supporting a Pet Carer

The book is available for purchase from Amazon, to order a paper copy click here or to order the kindle version click here.


Dawns book 'Pet Bereavement Support - The Complete Guide' is now available to purchase on Amazon

For more information about the book and how to order a copy click here.